Story of St.Thomas Moore Church

It was on 28th October 1976, the then Bishop of Kochi Rt. Rev. Fr. Dr. Joseph Kureethara laid the foundation stone of the St. Thomas More Church. As per Gods will sooner in 1981 Catechism Class was started and Rev. Fr. Thomas Parathara was appointed as the Director. At that time Holy mass was celebrated in a hall next to the Catechism center.

On March 30th 1981 the First Chapel was blessed, and later in 1983 a big hut made of palm leaves was built and on November 1983 the same was blessed. Here after holy mass was conducted in this chapel and lots of nearby people came here to attend the mass service.

Later in 1984 Bishop Joseph Kureethara brought the statue of Saint Thomas more and the same was installed in the chapel. Procurator of the Diocese of cochin Rev. Fr. Dominic Aluvaparambil was behind the construction of the present church which has a special edifice and design.

Adding much happiness to the people on 1990 November 15th the Bishop of cochin Blessed the church and announced the church as a new parish in the name of Saint Thomas More. And it was the first church in Kerala in the name of this saint.

For few years Rev. Fr. Dominic Aluvaparambil was in charge of the parish and later Rev. Fr. Denson Olliver was appointed as the first Parish Priest. Under Rev. Fr. Denson Olliver Family units were formed and other Religious Associations were started in the parish. A cemetery was made inspire of strong protest from many corners.

Rev. Fr. Denson Olliver was later transferred in 1994 and Rev. Fr. Joy Njarakattuvalli was appointed as the second Vicar of the Parish. About 6 cents of land was purchased and a parish hall was build during this time. 10th Year of parish formation celebrations were held.

After the transfer of Rev. Fr. Joy Njarakattuvalli , Rev. Fr. Varghese Nannatt was in charge as parish priest. Rev. Fr. Jiju was appointed Vice vicar

In 2006 Mongr. Mathew Valiyaparambil was the appointed Vicar and Antony Nedumparabil Vice vicar.

The following Vice Vicars were Rev. Fr. Sebastain putenpurakkal, Rev. Fr. Luke puthamparambil, Rev. Fr. Jeby chakallakkal, Rev. Fr. Jibin Karimburath, Rev. Fr. Joshy Thaliyassery, Rev. Fr. Antony valiyaveetil, Rev. Fr.Sunny Attaparambil.

After the transfer of Monsgr. Mathew valiyaparambil, Rev. Fr. Alex Kannikatt was appointed Vicar of the parish. It was during this time the Cemetery was made open and brought to the present design. Parish hall was build to second floor during this time. Rev. Fr. Jelsen Vellasery was the vice vicar this time.

Rev. Fr. Antony Kochukariyil was the next Vicar, Rev. Fr. Ajin vice vicar and after Rev. Fr. Terune George Arrackal and after our present Vice Vicar Rev. Fr. Jose Paul. During this period the parish has undergone a great transformation two substations one St. Joseph Church, Madura company and the other Santa Maria Church were made and St. Joseph Church was later made Parish.

At present about 1200 families and about 5000 parish members reside under St. Thomas More Parish.


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